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Customer Testimonials

Since 1996 we have placed several hundred of our pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setter pups all over the world with our 100% Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee, but because nothing is perfect we have maintained over a 99% Satisfaction rate, leaving less than 1% who have not been satisfied with their first pup and all of them have been very satisfied with their replacement pup. 

Three out of four of the less than 1% returned have been easily trained using our method and resold as started dogs and those remaining have been placed in very satisfied pet homes. This means that only 1 out of about 300 pups have not made a satisfactory bird dog for someone. I am sure if this was not the truth or we did not stand 100% behind our guarantee, there would be unsatisfied customers posting about it all over the internet. I know I would if I was given the same guarantee and it was not honored.

Here are just a few facebook posts and emails from hundreds of satisfied customers who we did not know before they contacted us to purchase a pup and are now kind enough to let us share what they have to say. Last names and contact info have been removed from a few for their privacy, but many have email contacts for those who want to contact them directly. Remember every pup has a 100% Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee, this includes genetic health, birth defects, temperament, and their hunting ability!



On behalf of Vetary.com, I want to congratulate Mountain View Kennel on having the Best English (Llewellin) Setter Breeder Award!

Vetary has analyzed top English (Llewellin) Setter breeders and cross referenced positive social mention data with top analytics platforms. Your site was a clear winner with U.S. pet owners over the last 12 months. For context, Vetary awards breeders with best-in-class online buzz, content, visuals, and most importantly, a strong cause and devotion toward their breed of dogs.

Just a few Facebook posts!

Randy Shelton August 7, 2014
We love what your doing keeping this great breed going , keep up the great work it is appreciated ..

Dez Young and Hank of OLN's Hunting with Hank TV show.
Hank and Dash are of the same IPDBA registered pure Dashing Bondhu bloodlines!
Con-crates on Hank and Dash receiving their IPDBA Gun Dog Certification!

We had replied to an email sent from Dez and he replied on our Facebook page the following...

Dez Young November 18, 2014
Mike and Marie: got your nice email...so pleased to see you are carrying on the great Llewellin Setter line...it's completely unfair of you to take the close up pictures of those beautiful pups...so hard to resist those eyes...continued success with your business raising those wonderful bird dogs...my best, Dez  

Thomas W. Drennan
December 23, 2015

Lee Jeter
December 25, 2015
 We have our just turned 10 month old male Llewellen Setter from Mountain view Kennel and we are shooting Pheasants over him. He is just unbelievable for as young as he is. He smells birds from as far as 60 yards away and he holds until I kick them up. He will hold them all day. He is every thing they said he would be. Has never messed in our house from day one. He has his own room downstairs. He is also a very flashy and beautiful dog. He listens to everything I tell him in the field. Thank you Mountain View Kennels. 

Dan Milton
  February 22, 2016
Mike, just an update on Magee 8 1/2 months old born 6/14.2015. In the last 6 weeks Magee has trained on birds four times.... The first time I introduced her to birds by the third and fourth bird she was pointing solidly. The second time out I shot three birds over her and she was solid. The third time the preserve put out six quial and she found seven qual and one pheasant, all solid points. Day before yesterday we harvested 18 quail, all solid points and even from the first time through yesterday she holds the point even holding thru me walking in to flush and shoot the bird. She doesn't go forward until after I shoot the bird. No training except obedience training. She has done everything because of being a natural born bird dog. 

Keith Nelson May 18, 2016
Willie will be two this year. Very easy to train. Loves pointing birds, great family dog and gets along well with our other dogs. No health problems. One of the nicest dogs I've ever had. Thank you.

Angie Warren Holloman ·   July 3, 2016
We just drive 10 hrs to pick up our new dog from Mountain view kennels after sending the deposit six months ago and 9th on the waiting list at that time. She is... beautiful and we have already bonded on this long ride home. She is 7 weeks old and has slept the majority of the way home. Very nice and knowledgable breeder!

Diane Borne Schroer      July 29, 2016·

Love this puppy! He's sweet and smart! Can't wait to see how he hunts.

John Cox  November 19, 2016
I just wanted to say how much I love our little girl. She is now three and the best hunting partner I have ever had. With no formal training she does an outstanding job on finding and holding grouse and woodcock.
John Cox

Amanda Rowland-Cheatham    December 26, 2016
We bought our dog, Bandit, 7 1/2 years ago. The breeder was right about everything he said regarding this breed, even though I was skeptic! I am so glad my husband did his research. Our dog may love when my husband takes him on hunts, but he's MY dog when he's in the house! A truly amazing dog! Anyone, who visits our home comments on and/or falls in love with our dog and his calm personality. He is so unique!

Michelle Peterson    Jan. 20, 2017  
Our pup is just 23 months old. He put up birds at 8 months and again this last Fall at only 20 months! He's amazing in the field or wooded areas, and just as important he's a wonderful indoor pet. Very smart, all he wants to do is please us. Get's along so well with our 2 cats and all of our friends dogs and/or cats. A good natured very intelligent little guy. We love him!

Joseph Leppek     
June 11, 20175 star

Our pup Baylee is now 7 months old now. She never ceases to impress. Such a sweet personality with a desire to please. I've never owned a setter before. She is so sensitive, I have to be careful how I discipline. I forgot how much work a puppy is, but would not hesitate to purchase again from these awesome folks.

Conrad Jeter
    Jan. 4, 2018
My Lewellin Setter Mason purchased from Mountain View is one of the best Setters I have ever owned. I’ve had bird dogs for over 50 years. I shot my first Pheasant over Mason at eight months old. He points them and holds until you flush the bird. He hunts Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, and he will even point dove. He lives in our house and is an excellent companion. We have 2 Shitzu’s and he just loves them. The place where I picked up my dog was not a puppy mill. He had nice pens for his dogs and everything was clean. They are great people. I would buy another dog from them.

Conrad Jeter   Jan. 5, 2018  My family is so happy we came in contact with Mountain View. Our dog Mason is a very special Setter. We have had many but he is set apart from the rest of them. He lives in our house and he has never did anything in our house, never. I tell anyone who asks about him where they can buy their own dog and hope people have bought from you. Here are some pictures of him in action.

Email Testaments!

West Liberty, Kentucky
(Eastern Kentucky)

Jimmy is a very serious ruffed grouse hunter and owns several awesome setters and demands the very best. This is what he has to say about one of our pups.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Cantrell, Jimmy A (DOC) ; praisgod@mrtc.com
To: mvcr@scrtc.com 
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2009 9:14 PM
Subject: My Dog

Mike this is Jimmy Cantrell. Just wanted to let you know I just got back home last night from Wisconsin, where I spent the first 9 days of their Grouse season hunting. I took the pup I got from you (which was the real reason for this early season hunt) and he was amazing. He hunted as good as my 10 year old grouse dog. He pointed and held every grouse he encountered and never bumped or put any of them in the air. He is the most careful dog I have. My friend was so shocked that he started telling everyone about it and got on his cell phone to let people know. The pup acted as if he had experienced grouse for years and new how to work them. This is all from instinct and no formal training what so ever. This is going to be a very special dog. And just think, he just turned one year old a couple of weeks ago and I will get many years of enjoyment out of him. Continue to use me as a reference  if you want and I am sure that if any of my friends make any future purchases they will be from you.

Thanks Mike and God Bless.

Jimmy  praisgod@mrtc.com

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Cantrell, Jimmy A (DOC) ; praisgod@mrtc.com
To: "Mike Bloodgood" mvcr@scrtc.com 
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 7:49 PM
Subject: First Grouse Hunt

This is my Pups very first grouse hunt. He was incredible. He acted as if he had hunted them for years and it was all instinctively with no training. It's totally amazing.

These grouse were shot over him on his very first hunt. 

Pup turned 12 months old August 29th and hunted Grouse like an old pro. Wonderful grouse dog and has never been trained. Pointed the very first grouse he ever encountered. We killed grouse from him and he never made one mistake. 

What a wonderful dog.

Jimmy  praisgod@mrtc.com
West Liberty, Kentucky

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Cantrell, Jimmy A (DOC) ; praisgod@mrtc.com
To: Mike Bloodgood 
Sent: Friday, September 25, 2009 8:54 AM
Subject: RE: Hank

His Full Name is “Hanks Royal Flush” and he is also backing and retrieving. There are so many wonderful stories to tell about him just from our 9 day hunt. One time both, Hank and my female Llewellin Belle pointed at the same time only about 4 feet apart, they were side by side. Me and my hunting companion walked up, flushed the Bird, and shot it down with Belle in pursuit for the retrieve. But Hank never moved the entire time, staying staunch on point. My hunting buddy looked at me and said I think he still smells that Grouse and will not break point. We walked a few short steps in front of him and to our surprise he had another grouse nailed on point. We were also able to knock that one down for him. It was amazing that even though he saw the other bird flush and Belle break to retrieve, to hold on this other bird. Like I said it would take some time to tell you all the amazing stories. We had 5 dogs on the trip, but my friend kept saying “Hank is the man”. Our other dogs ranged from 3 years old to 10 years old. We have some really good dogs but to have one that age (Barely 1 year old) to hold his own with them was amazing. Thanks Mike for a wonderful pup (or should I now say Dog) since he seems to have grown up in one short hunting trip.

I would not have told this story myself if I had not had witnesses. One thing for sure all the bird hunters in the area seem to know all about his hunting ability because word is spreading around here about him. People that witnessed it are bragging on him big time. I have been asked by others if the stories that have been told are true.

Jimmy  praisgod@mrtc.com
West Liberty, Kentucky

Trussville, Alabama

 This was Cliff's first bird dog pup and he trained him on his own, see what he has to say about his first pup he purchased from us.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Harris, Cliff" <CHarris@BrasfieldGorrie.com>
To: <mvcr@scrtc.com>
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 10:28 AM
Subject: Update

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bloodgood,

I just wanted to write and give ya'll an update on the puppy, Cash, that I bought last year. He has been such a great addition to our family.  I have never had a dog with as much personality as Cash has. It seems like he gives us something to laugh about every day. Around the home, he is absolutely the best dog I have ever had inside. Since he came home last March, he messed inside only 1 time. The only thing he ever did wrong was chew on shoes that were left out. Now, he comes inside and lays at my feet. You could not ask for a better inside pet. Also, he entertains my cousins, age 2 and 5, for hours and seems to know how to play gently with small kids.

We started him hunting last fall at 10 months old. He had no problem finding  birds right off the bat. It took him about 5 birds to figure out that he was supposed to wait on me to flush them. By his third hunt, he acted like he 
had been doing it for years. It was truly amazing and completely natural since he was my first bird dog to attempt training. By the end of the season, he was pointing and holding like a seasoned veteran. The only time  he broke point was when he would see the bird run away. It only happened  with a few pen raised quail. He never bumped any wild birds since they 
actually hold tight.

The most amazing thing to me about Cash, is his ability to adjust his  attitude from the house to hunting. At home he is laid back and could almost  be called lazy, but take him to the field and he is as intense as I have  ever hunted over. He has hunted for a couple hours at a time without ever  seeming to lose a step. He charges through briars and thickets without a second thought. On point, his intensity matches even a pointer. When he locks up on point, he is so intense that his lips quiver and he will even  drool a little with excitement. To me, you could not ask for a more intense  point than Cash does. He is truly a bird dog down to his core. He hunts as  though it is the sole reason God placed him on earth.

Thank you for your dedication in breeding the finest bird dogs around. I  even had an old man who only hunted pointers admit that Cash was one of the finest dogs he had ever seen for his age. We are very excited about the next season to hunt him some more. Hopefully, I can add another one of your dogs to the family soon but for now my wife says we have enough. I am very interested to hear how the puppies that you have now turn out. They should be very good looking dogs and, no doubt, great hunters.


Clifford H. Harris, LEED AP CHarris@BrasfieldGorrie.com
Trussville, Alabama

"Cash" at one year"

Western Kentucky

From: Darren  To: Mike Bloodgood
Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 2010 8:05 PM
Subject: REX = litter 7/5/09


I haven't made a report on this dog in about 6 months but I thought I should let you know, if I were the breeder I would want to know.

I have had bird dogs all my life, we run a hunting preserve here in Western, KY so I am around a lot of dogs good and bad, we have had 2 Field Trials here so I have been around some great dogs both young and old.

I have never been around or owned a dog with as much natural ability as REX, he got hard on his birds when he was 5 months old, like a rock, Monday was the 5th and his 1st birthday we had him and one of our older dogs from another breeder (not a bad dog at all), out for a run, the other dog jumped a pheasant lodged between 2 telephone poles in some grass and never smelled anything, REX nailed him from 20 yards in a dead run with the wind blowing all wrong, he is currently working on retrieving out of water and got it down, he made 9 in a row today with 100% accuracy and brought it right to me every time.

The only thing I am having any issue with him is sometimes he doesn't want to bring the bird right to me instead he wants to parade it around the field (pup) I have never cracked down on him or scolded him for any reason and hope to get him out of that real soon, so as of now he points very solid, backs as well and retrieves sometimes, out of water very well, I also have another dog I got from another breeder that is the same age, there is absolutely no comparison in there natural ability, I think he will also be a good dog but does not have anywhere near the confidence that REX has at this early age.

I know I have done a ton of bragging here but this is what I see, I also need to register these dogs and would like to get Gun Dog Certification on REX this fall if he is ready, if you have any reason to include him in you future breeding program please let me know cause I don't think there will be many out there with the natural resources he has.

Our guides currently use German Shorthair Pointers and Pointers, but we want to change to Setters just because of the style and class they bring to the field. We were looking for good Setters for our preserve guides to use, so we purchased this three pups from different well known breeder's including REX from you for an experiment to see which Setters were really the best. The two others are absolutely no comparison with REX. I don't see us breeding dogs here for no other reason than pups for us, but from what I see if we ever do breed a dog here it will be Dashing Bondhu's. 


Western Kentucky 

Rex at only 5 months old!
Knoxville, Tennessee

Steve of Knoxville, TN is an avid and serious ruffed grouse hunter and demands and has owned some of the very best setters money could buy and purchased his first pup from us to train from scratch on his own, here is what he had to say.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Steve" 
To: "Mike Bloodgood"
Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 7:29 AM
Subject: Riley


This is a picture of Riley.  She got her name because that is what she has.............the life of Riley.  Anyway, yesterday I took her for the first time to introduce her to pen raised quail.  She has been hunted seven times this year on grouse.  Anyway, she pointed and held the first bird she found and all that followed.  Never made a mistake and was very cautious.  As you know she is 4 1/2 months old.

It is interesting, because about three weeks ago I was hunting grouse and taking her for her solo hunt that she always gets and I see her flash point and then stalk and stop, stalk and stop, stalk and stop about 30 yards a head of her two grouse get up!  I thought it might have been just happen stance that the birds got up and her stalking was just the puppy in her but after yesterday I know she was smelling those birds!

It is too early to tell how much drive and heart she has but this is certainly a good start.  She has some big shoes to fill when Lady is gone.  Will keep you updated.

Knoxville, TN 

Riley pointing pen raised Quail at only 4 1/2 months old

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Steve" 
To: "Mike Bloodgood" 
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 2:51 PM
Subject: FW: IMG00276-20101120-1633.jpg

I hope all is well with you and your family.  Two weeks ago I was hunting Riley by herself and we had gone down a logging road a little ways and she gets very birdie and then puts on the most beautiful point you have ever seen.  Her right paw goes up under her body and tail straight up.  I was expecting it to be level.  The bird gets up and flies from my right to left and I drop it on the second shot.  The only time I have ever been nervous hunting grouse.  I wanted to kill that bird for Riley! She goes crazy.........finds the bird in an instant and can't retrieve it because it is so big and caught between a sapling and the mountain line.  Tries to bury it with leaves.  Hahaha..........good thing I was close to her.  I then took it up on the trail and threw it up in the air.  She grabs it and brings it back to me.  Great stuff.

Anyway, here is the picture and what a fine, fine dog she is making.  Great around the house and Lady loves her to death.


Knoxville, TN 

      Lady & Riley with Riley's 1st LARGE TN Grouse at only 5 months old!

Crane Hill, Alabama

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Harris, Cliff" <CHarris@BrasfieldGorrie.com>
To: <mvcr@scrtc.com>
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 2:55 PM
Subject: My Llewellin, Cash

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bloodgood,

I wanted to write and give you an update on my dog, Cash. He is now approaching 2 years old and continues to be such a great dog. He is an absolute pleasure to have as a part of our family. Cash is, without a doubt, the best pet I have ever had.

This is his second season to hunt. I am more and more amazed after every time in the field. I hunted him this season for the first time with another dog. He did not back the first point he saw but ran past and pointed the bird. The next time the other dog pointed, I gave the whoa command when I was sure he saw the other dog. He stopped in his steps and honored the point. After giving only that one command, he has honored every point he has seen to date. (It honestly hasn't been too many because he is normally making the point) It is simply amazing that even backing another dog is a natural instinct. Cash has done everything naturally. I have mainly just been around to shoot and carry his birds. He truly acts like a seasoned veteran. He holds point as long as it takes.

We also hunted alongside some dogs at a preserve. The other dogs were in their prime and hunted at least twice a week. Cash and I are lucky to find time every other weekend to hunt. Even with his limited experience and the other dogs having home field advantage, Cash put on a show. He made nearly 75% of the points and backed the other dogs every time. He also made nearly all of the retrieves. Even the guide admitted that Cash was outstanding.

I will send some new pictures soon so you can see how good looking he has turned out.

Thanks again for breeding these wonderful dogs.

Clifford H. Harris CHarris@BrasfieldGorrie.com


Upperville, Virginia

From: Bob 
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2011 13:12
To: Steve
Subject: bird dog


My purpose for writing. I am looking for a setter puppy for my grandkids in Arkansas. I live in Upperville,Virginia, but no birds our way or dogs.  I used to get dogs from an old friend just outside of Knoxville. He had some great dogs. Haven’t talked in a long time and can’t even think of his name. 

Hope you can help



From: Steve 
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2011 13:32
To: Bob 
Subject: RE: bird dog

Dear Bob,

 I know just the guy.  We have bought three pups in the last year from this guy and they are all outstanding. One of them I killed four grouse last year over points before she was eight months old.  These dogs are absolutely outstanding!!


I am going to forward this email to him so he knows you may call.

Good luck,

Knoxville, TN

Peckville, Pennsylvania

Chad is a serious PA bird hunter who has owned and trained several bird dogs and is not easily impressed. Here is what he has to say about our Llewellin's Setters of pure Dashing Bondhu bloodlines.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Chad Anuszewski 
To: mvcr@scrtc.com 
Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2011 10:37 PM
Subject: Abbie's first PA pheasant hunt

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bloodgood,

My name is Chad Anuszewski from Peckville, PA (Lackawanna County, Northeast PA).  This is a picture of myself and Abbie (bottom left).  Abbie is my 11 month Dashing Bondhu Llewellin setter, whelped on 01/20/11.  Now I have been working pointing dogs for about 15 years.  I started with GSPs, then worked 2 Ryman setters until I finally had the opportunity to bring a Mt. View Llewellin Setter into my house.  From the moment I brought Abbie home, she was the perfect addition, not only as a hunting partner, but also a member of the house.  She gets along perfectly with my other dogs as well as my two small children. 

Now I do not proclaim to be a great trainer, but I have studied many styles and spent my time paying my dues.  I do not necessarily concern myself with pointing style, field trials or things of that nature. But I can honestly say that I NEVER have seen a dog with so much natural, raw talent, bird finding ability, pointing style and desire to please her owner as I have in Abbie.  Even at her young age she runs circles around my Ryman Setters.  I raise Chukar and quail to keep her active in the off season, trained her weekly on wild birds for about the 2 months prior to the season and now we are hunting.  She regularly holds solid points on woodcocks (we have a lot of them) and is getting better on grouse (my bird of choice).

In PA (October 22, 2011), it is pretty much a put-and-take pheasant scenario.  With Abbie being such a young dog, I did not want to run her first morning until the majority of the other hunters left the fields/woods (sometimes hunters lack ethics in this type of hunt) .  So after about 3 hours of waiting, we took our turn.  With prying eyes and envious doubters, we took to the field.  Abbie worked the fields like a seasoned setter.  She worked side to side, nose up, keeping check with me as we zig-zagged the fields.  These 2 cock birds (the daily limit in PA) were no match for her ability.  We stayed working that day and all-in-all, put up 7 birds total (this was after numerous hunters with their own dogs said the fields were 'hunted out').  Twice I watched her circle running birds to keep them between me and her.  And with the exception of 2 wild flushes, she held solid on point for the rest of the birds we put up that day.

If there is one tip I can give prospective Mt View setter owners, get your deposit in early and keep your mind open to any pup you can have the opportunity to own and hunt over.  I was number 14 in line for a female setter.  Abbie was passed over until she got to me and I took full advantage of the opportunity presented to me.  As you can see, the rest is history.

Thank you for keeping this line of setters available to the gentleman hunter interested in only the best natural bird dog there is out there.

Please use me as a reference any time 

Chad J.Anuszewski, MS, LPC, NCC
Licensed Professional Counselor

           Abbie's first PA pheasant hunt (1 Days limit)

Knoxville, Tennessee

Steve is a very serious Ruffed Grouse hunter and had always purchased fully trained grouse dogs in the past and was very skeptical that there were dogs that were natural and with a strong willingness to please. After his first purchase his family and friends have purchased several pups from us. Steve has become a believer, but because he values his dogs so much, he has asked that we not reveal his last name.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Steve 
To: Mike Bloodgood 
Sent: Friday, October 28, 2011 11:20 AM
Subject: Update

Hey Mike,

I hope all is well with you and your family.  I wanted to give you an update on the three pups we got from you last summer.  They have progressed nicely so far this year.  All three are excellent hunters, with very good noses and two of the three have excellent hunting pace.  We have found them to be excellent pets and also very intelligent with a desire to please.

Overall these are excellent dogs and I will never buy another dog from any one else as long as you are in business.

I have sent you a picture of our hunt in Wisconsin last week.  We hammered them.

Knoxville, TN


Alpharetta, Georgia 

Ron is a seasoned bird hunter with many years of experience and hunts many types of upland birds in many parts of the USA, here is what he has to say about his pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setter he got from us.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Ron Nocera <ron.nocera@technology-audits.com> 
To: Mike & Marie Bloodgood <mvcr@scrtc.com>
Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2012 8:34 AM
Subject: a picture for you

This is my Josie.  She's been doing this since she was  4 months old, from The upper peninula of Michign to the plantations of South  Georgia.  She has had basic obedience training and the rest apparently came  from her breeding.  

At 69 years old I have hunted English Pointer and  Setters for more than 50 years and have never had one that was easier to train. Because of my age and hers, she probably will be my last bird dog ---- managed to save the best for last.  Thank you and keep up the good
 Ron Nocera   ron.nocera@technology-audits.com
Alpharetta, GA

                                                                                                                Josie in South Georgia


----- Original Message ----- 
From: Ron Nocera <ron.nocera@technology-audits.com>
To: Mike & Marie Bloodgood <mvcr@scrtc.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 11:29 AM
Subject: A second picture for you


 I would be happy for you to use the testimonial and pictures.  They were  taken by my hunting partner 2 weeks ago at Southern Woods Plantation in  Sylvester Georgia.  She is as good as; if not better than their dogs and they do it everyday from October thru March.  

In my 50 plus years of owning  bird dogs I've never had one came home with me as a puppy trained.  Its  definitely the breeding---Keep up the good work she's a testimonial to your success.

I did some basic obedience training which was very easy no  pressure on me or the dog at all--- took her to the field on released quail  at 4 month and she pointed her first covey then found and pointed most of  the single birds.  Seeing a 5 or 6 year old pointer backing my 4 month old  Llewellyn does an old guy good.  

At 2 years she's not only a great bird  dog (and getting better) she's also an excellent companion.  The truck  doesn't leave the farm that she's not in it.  She handled Grouse and  Woodcock at just over 1 year of age in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  The  grouse wouldn't hold for her (we moved a lot of them) and I worried that she  wouldn't continue to hold her birds but as soon as we began to get our feet wet in the tag alders she found woodcock that would hold for her and she handled them fine no matter how long it took me to get to her. 

She's absolute proof that breeding makes the difference.  I picked her at 8 weeks at your kennel mainly because I thought  she might have less ticking than the other options I had. When I left with her you told me no training would be required my experience over the years lead me to believe differently and I was prepared to train one more probably my last one.  Now I am a believer --- Thanks again for making these dogs available.
 Ron Nocera  ron.nocera@technology-audits.com
Alpharetta, GA 

                                                                                                                   Josie in South Georgia

Elum, Washington

Mark Madison
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 12:47 PM
Subject: RE: Blue Belton Pup
First let me say that Mr. & Mrs. Bloodgood are top of the line and it is no wonder why their dogs are to. I couldn’t be more pleased with my pup, who as of this writing just turned a year old. Within the first hour and a half of bringing him home, after his first mess, he would stand at the door and whine to be let out; not a single inside mess since then. He lives inside our home. He is truly a gentleman while inside and is all business in the field. He is a head turner. His style and grace is something to behold. People literally will stop and turn their car around or walk across a field to ask “What breed of dog is that?” He retrieves to hand, cast’s, hits the water like a lab requiring little to no encouragement on my part. It took very little time for him to respond to a whistle. His desire to please is without question. Whether you’re looking for a hunting partner or companion you will not be disappointed with Mr. and Mrs. Bloodgood’s line of dogs. 


Mark D. Madison
Cle Elum, Washington

Wheatland, Wyoming

From: Martin Hicks
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 1:06 PM
Subject: female setter
Mike and Marie,

This is Martin Hicks from Wheatland, WY and I purchased a setter from you two years ago (June of 2011).  Just giving you a quick update on the pup.  Her name is Lucy and  I could not be more pleased with her.  She hunts close, has a great nose and retrieves to my expectations.  I have hunted her on pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge.  She has done well on all species, so again great work on breeding excellent Llewellin Setters!

Martin Hicks
Wheatland Wildlife Biologist, WGFD
827 Grange Rd
Wheatland, WY  82201

                                       Lucy with some Sharp-tailed Grouse


From: Martin Hicks
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 4:44 PM
Subject: Re: female setter

Hi Mike & Marie,

She again took her experience to South Dakota and hunted wild birds in late December when birds are flighty and tough to hunt, especially for a young dog. After several wild flushes she was able to slow down, find and point the birds. She had several great retrieves, but like other young dogs she also had several learning experiences, where things did not go perfect. I would expect this to happen with any dog, so I was not in the least disappointed.

North Central Wyoming is home to a robust population of Hungarian partridge. I have never hunted this bird before and did not know what to expect from my young Llewellin. The covey's were spooky, but if conditions were right my young setter was able to locate, point, back my other setter, and retrieve the birds.

I had a great experience watching her hunt this exotic bird. Habitat conditions are similar to sage grouse, which are dry and provide tough scenting conditions. She did a great her first time out and I cannot wait to take her back.

Southeast Wyoming is home to a small population of sharp-tailed grouse and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has an excellent program that enrolled private land into a walk-in program, which includes thousands of acres of sharp-tailed grouse habitat. Recent drought conditions have reduced numbers, but there is still a sustainable population to hunt. My young setter did an fantastic job finding and pointing several flocks of grouse. She was not fond of retrieving at first but started to come around to the idea after more experience. I also hunted sharp-tailed grouse in northern South Dakota and again she did a marvelous job finding, pointing and retrieving the birds.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has a special pheasant hunt in SE WY where over 5,700 pheasants are released into great cover that is owned by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission. This hunt provides opportunity for young dogs to cut their teeth on the art of pheasant hunting. I could not be more pleased how close she hunted, her ability to go into heavy cover and the amount of cover she was able to cover, while maintaining that close distance. She started out just as I would expect a young dog to do (I had not train her on live birds) by bumping, flushing, running past birds. After several hunts she started to figure it out. Her points improved with each bird and she started to consistently back my other older setter.

In closing, I am very happy and impressed with my dog from Mountain View Kennels. I was fortunate enough to locate a stud dog from the same kennel in my home town. She was successfully bred and my family and I are eagerly waiting for the pups to arrive. 

Thanks to Mike and Marie for the great bloodlines they have been producing!

Martin Hicks
Wheatland Wildlife Biologist, WGFD
Wheatland, WY 82201

Lucy and a Sharp-Tailed Grouse

Perry, Maine

swansisland tds.net
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 12:54 PM
Subject: Re: Shipping A13 Male #2
We picked up our Llewellin Setter puppy all safe and sound now at home. He is a beautiful pup, what a great temperament he has. I am very happy with him. Tonight he will get a good rest. and in the morning if he is up to it I may let him meet a couple of my dogs and begin to acclimate to his new home.

Thank you for everything,-
swansisland tds.ne

                 A13M2 Puppy Picture


Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 8:37 PM
Subject: A13 Male #2

Dear Mike & Marie,

Just to let you know how happy we are with our Llewellin Setter pup. he is growing so fast he minds very well, comes to his name, retrieves, fetches on command, and is house broken. He is the third pup out of about 50 that I have had that was that good at such a young age.

Cliff Russell
swansisland tds.ne

From: Jim Rives, MA
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2013 2:16 PM
Subject: Emailing: IMG_2661 JPG.jpg
Mike you  may not remember me but I picked up my dog cotton from you three years ago. The attached picture was taken a couple of weeks ago in South Dakota where we hunted pheasants and Hungarian partridge. Cotton made staunch point after staunch point and great retrieves.  His nose is superior and he was often seen with his nose in the air scenting birds at considerable distance and then working in on them. The pheasant he is pointing in the picture is located under the small cedar tree in front of him. He absolutely does not lie. When he points he is solid and their is a bird present. He persistently finds dead birds and retrieves them, often times back to the person who shot them. He is a beautiful dog and I cannot tell you how many people come up to me and tell me just that as he ended up with great conformity and feathering. What I was most impressed with this year was the number of my five hunting buddies who could be heard saying, Cotton, "come hunt in front of me." In reality he hunted in front of our whole group as he worked the field very well, staying within shooting distance of all six of us.
im Rives

Dashing Cotton Bondhu on his first Hunt!

Gainsville, Florida

Larry Brock
Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014 5:46 PM
Subject: Update on Louie
Hi Mike and Marie,

I attached a photo of Louie. I bought him from you in January of last year. He was born in Oct 2012. His name is Dashing Bondhu Louie. He was pointing birds at 4 months old. He was easy to train and is genetically healthy.

I have hunted him in Florida for quail, where I live, and in upstate NY for grouse and woodcock. He has consistently searched for birds and pointed. He has a great prey drive and desire. I did a little training to get him to hold point a little longer and the basic stuff like come, stay, etc. He has done very well and I'm proud whenever I take a friend along to go hunting. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with him.
Let me know if you want more pictures; your internet provider only allowed one.

Larry Brock   dlbrock1@gmail.com

I attached a photo of Louie. I bought him from you in January of last year. He was pointing birds at 4 months old. He was easy to train and is genetically healthy.

This one was taken in North Florida while training (note the check cord).

This one is a point on grouse while hunting in NY (his first trip at 1 year old).


From: arctain1 .
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2014 9:51 PM
Subject: Year and a half update
I just wanted to provide an update to a pup purchased from you.
Cricket - has been a very welcome addition to our family. I have 2 kids (aged 3 and 5) and Cricket seamlessly joined the family.
This past season (2013-2014) was her first real season of hunting. Her first fall hunting trip in Eastern Washington was a pretty sour experience - for her and me. We were hunting Chukar at elevation and about 45 minutes in, we reached a ridge-line, sat down and took a break for a drink of water. While I rested, she was searching around the rock outcropping. Next thing I know, she's over by my feet with a look on her face and I notice a small dribble of blood on her upper lip. A hunting buddy's Springer started sniffing around the same area as Cricket was previously searching, acting very spooky. We walked over, and the distinctive buzz coming from a Western Diamondback was heard, and seen coiled ready to strike (again)! At this point, I killed the snake, scooped Cricket up and back to the truck we started. About 30 minutes later we arrived at the truck, loaded up and started flying down the jeep trail towards town. If you've ever hunted chukar in it's (transplanted) habitat of the Northwest, you know that chukar hunting is done very far from any sort of civilization, very high up in the steep hills. We were about an hour to the Vet.'s office once we arrived at the hard-road after speeding down the jeep trail for what felt like an eternity. On the way, Cricket was in pain, and appeared to be passing out. The Vet got her on a saline flush with anti-venin on standby if her coagulants dropped below threshold. Luckily, she didn't need the anti-venin, and I picked up a very swollen, very happy-to-see-me pup the next morning. A week later, and she was back to her normal, fun-loving self. I've included a picture of her before and after  the snake-bite.
As bad as I felt for her, it was compounded by the concern that she wouldn't be able to make it to my annual 2-week North Dakota pheasant hunt. It would be her first time, and I really wanted to see her in action on wild pheasant. She had been put on released birds in the pre-season, and I knew for her to really excel, she needed the experience that only wild birds can provide. Luckily, she healed just fine from the snakebite, and we made our trip to North Dakota.
Her first day on North Dakota birds gave her fits. It was a blast watching her try and figure out 1) how to home-in on a single bird with so much scent in the area, and 2) how to keep those birds from moving. It took her some time, but she got better and better each day working the cattails and shelter belts. By the 3rd day, she was really starting to get the hang of it. Oh, she busted a bird or two every now and then, but each day busted birds became less and less of an occurrence. Each day, I shot my limit over her, being very careful to only shoot birds she pointed - after all, this was all about her learning how to hunt. It wouldn't have been fair to her if I were to confuse her with shooting non-pointed birds - which meant we let a lot of birds go. Which also meant she would watch the birds take off try and chase them down. Luckily the area is sparsely populated, and a person can see for miles (literally). I knew that the only way to get her out of that habit was more and more birds - that patience would make her see that it wasn't fun to chase birds, when I wasn't interested in chasing along with her. Patience paid off, as the last few days of the hunt were a sight to behold - on the last day, a limit of birds (on a VERY down year in North Dakota) before 11:30 am, and we started hunting at 9:00 am. It was a joy to see her work those birds. She graduated that trip into a great little bird dog. I am always longing for more time in the field, but it was time to go home and we packed up and headed back west. She does great in the truck, by the way...
Since then, we've hunted wild quail, pheasant and chukar here in Washington, and she has excelled on each (She REALLY doesn't like to fetch valley quail, though - I suspect it's the taste...), I am including a couple pictures of this past season so that you can see what a beautiful dog she has turned out to be. My wife and I put her on birds this past weekend, and everywhere we go we get compliments on her looks. What really pops their eyes, though, is to watch her work birds. At that point, her looks plus her style plus her nose comes together into a beautiful bundle of dog that can only be described as God's Handiwork in action.
I know that this sounds over-the-top -but that was a compliment given to Cricket by another long-time bird hunter I hunt with late in this season. Thank you for breeding these dogs, Mike.



The first picture is the after-effects of the rattlesnake bite

The second picture is a long point (about 40 yards)

The third picture is a close point (about 7 yards). Intense!!!

The last picture is just a great little picture of her bringing me a wing of a pheasant I shot (after she had fetched the bird...)

I asked Spencer if he meant "40 yards" in his email and he replied to me he did. When I told him that we have received emails saying we are lying about getting 40 yard points with our Setters, he sent the following reply and picture for us to post. It is hard to show a 40 yard point in a picture, but Spencer did get a picture of about a 20 yard point for the nay-sayers. Our Setters also point up to "40 YARDS" when conditions allow which is often for them. We also now take it for granted. Our Setters do not creep point either, they point solid as soon as the bird stops moving. Most will naturally circle around moving birds to pin them down between us.


From: arctain1 .
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 11:02 AM
Subject: Re: Year and a half update
Mike and Marie,
As far as the 40 yard point, this is a regular occurrence with Cricket - to the point that I take it a bit for granted. It's not a creeping point, either. If she's located the bird and the bird isn't moving, she'll lock on point. Obviously, if the bird is moving - like wild birds are prone to do - she'll work the bird until she gets a good set. Always careful, always trying to get the bird to set.

Just so you have proof for all the nay-Sayers out there, I am including a picture of Cricket in a long point - this one is only about 20 yards. She located the bird quite a bit earlier and worked the bird until it set. The bird is circled.


Cricket on about a 20 yard point. If the bird is set. Like our pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters, Spancer says, "she will point birds about 40 yards away on a regular bases".

Township, Michigan

From: Angela Kalb
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 8:41 AM
Subject: Tri-Color Pup

Good morning :) This is Angela.  I came down there last month with my coworker Jamie.  I wanted to thank you and Marie for bringing "Bella" into my life.  It was such a pleasure meeting you and really enjoyed spending time with you while we were there.  All your puppies and other pets are amazing.  If somehow I end up in your area again I will make a point to come see you both.
I'm hoping the name Bella is available.  She is adjusting wonderfully and I am cherishing every moment with her. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart:):)

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much again.

             Bella's puppy picture.

Miamisburg, Ohio
Marijke contacted us for a natural bird dog for her son and a family companion.

Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2014 1:55 PM
Subject: Archie

Hi Guys! 
Just wanted to let you know that Archie is settling in and is quickly becoming a member of our "pack".  We couldn't be happier or love him anymore!  You truly have produced the perfect dog!  So far at 4 months (we got him at 12 weeks). He's completely house trained.  Knows sit shake, shake, drop it and lay down!  He hasn't been to a single training class either!   He has definitely bonded to my son Gabe but equally shares his love with the rest of the family.   I'm proud to say he is spoiled rotten!!  I can't wait for the 2 of them to go on his first hunt (he already points at the birds in our yard) he is officially Gabes baseball team mascot and he hasn't missed a game!!  Oh and most importantly. He's not afraid of fireworks!  Haha. 
 Thanks for your help and for an awesome dog! 
Marijke Godsey

         Gabe with his new pup Archie                                  Gabe's sister and Archie                           Archie and Gabe

From: Marijke
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2014 11:21 PM
Subject: Archie
Mike- it's hard to fully capture on my cell but here is a picture of Archie pointing at a robin in the back yard.  I know it's not quail or pheasant. But he stood there as still as could be until the bird flew away.  I don't know if it's right or not but I praised him and I was the one who walked towards the bird to make it fly off. (Haha told you I was completely clueless about bird hunting). I have a feeling Archie is going to be the one that teaches us. 
Marijke Godsey

                                      Archie pointing at a robin in the back yard.

Hershey, Pennsylvania
Carole contacted us for a healthy Setter pup for a pet only,
after having some bad experience from a well know English Setter kennel in PA.
From: Carole Miller
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 8:08 AM
Dear Mike and Marie,
Thank you so much for answering all of our questions and putting our minds at ease with the shipping.  It is deeply appreciated so much.
Ken and I are like new parents waiting for a baby to arrive as you can truly understand.  We are so excited and we do take a lot of pictures.
I will let you know on Thursday that she has arrived.  She is going to get a lot of hugs and cuddles that is for sure.
God Bless You Both as you have been a great help,
Carole and Ken Miller
Hershey, PA

                   Brynne's puppy picture.
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 10:28 AM
Hi Mike and Marie,
Brynne arrived safely at midnight at HIA. She slept all night long in her porta cage.
She is so adorable and doing very well.
Enjoy her first pictures with her new family.
Carole and Ken
Hershey, PA


Byrnne's first day in her new home

From: Carole Miller
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2014 8:40 PM
Hi Mike,
Brynne is doing very very well.  She is so smart.  She now sits on command and knows her name.  We have been working with her with the simple commands. She is learning very quickly.  She has fit in very well into the family and the other two girls really enjoy her so much.  She is learning to focus when you talk to her which is so important.
Be looking for something coming Priority Mail tomorrow.  Hope you and Marie enjoy!!! 
I did get her registration papers and they have been filled out and sent.
I have taken so many pictures on my iphone and sending a few to you and Marie.
We are so pleased with Brynne.  She had her first checkup at the vets and they all loved her.  Our vet was very impressed.
As you can see she has adjusted very well from the picture.
Sending blessings to you,
Carole and Ken
Hershey, PA

To our great surprise and delight, Carol and Ken sent us some wonderful prints of Ken's oiled paintings as a thank you for Brynne.

Ken paints for a hobby, but as you can see, is a highly talented artist and has captured the essence of the Llewellin (English) Setter's true loving nature. I have seen a lot of Setter art, but none that captured their loving nature better. These are sample of the four prints they graciously sent us Priority mail. They are from painting of their Setters that they have owned in the past, and some are with young family members. 

Brook and Bridge

Lazy Bones

Mathew's Kiss

Janessa and the girls
Needless to say we were very surprised to find not one, but four large frame-able prints in the package and they are just what we needed for our new office.  To see all of Ken Miller's amazing Art work, go to http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/k/l/klm3/home.htm enjoy!


Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 2:02 PM
Subject: Fw: Brynne's pics OUTDOORS UPDATE JULY 18
Hi Mike and Marie,
Enjoy these new pictures of Brynne. She is doing very well. 
Sending blessings to you both.
Carole and Ken
Hershey, PA  17033

                                                   Brynne at 4 months old

Huston, Texas

Mark Blanche
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2014 12:32 AM
Subject: Milo Update
Milo is up in South Dakota. He's a great dog with tons of personality. He's honoring in the picture below. Lot of intensity for a young dog. There's plenty of pointing pics but the cover doesn't allow you to see his confirmation. He weighed 53 lbs at 11 months with a pretty blocky head. He's short and compact with a lot of muscle.

Today, Milo and his running mate had 22 finds all with the point being honored on wild pheasants.

He also retrieves. Is very tough, but the Training methods, as you suggested are very mild and specifically geared to Llewellin 's.

He watches TV with my wife. Sits with her in a chair or sits on a mat. He's exactly what you described as a personable house guest.

At 6 months, while all the family was home at Thanksgiving and the house was crazy with kids etc., my brother asked if he would point. I flipped a piece of paper in front of him off a fishing pole and he locked up in the Living Room on point. Natural instincts.

He's showed so much Llewellin potential that we are sparing no cost in his Training. Before going to South Dakota Milo spent 2 weeks with a NBHA Trainer with multiple Championships to his name and close friend of mine who's family has run dogs on the King Ranch in South Texas for 50  years. He called me the first week and bragged about old dog instincts in such a young puppy.

I really appreciate your attention to detail and producing such fine dogs.

All The Best

Mark Blanche
Huston, TX

      15 month old Milo backing another dog on point!

Hershey, Pennsylvania
From: Carole Miller
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 7:48 PM
Subject: New Oil Painting
Hi Mike and Marie,
Thought I would share the newest oil painting that Ken did of Brynne and Breeze together outside.  Hope you both enjoy.
Brynne is so "spoiled" and is a fantastic "hunter" in the back yard.  She has already learned to hunt for squirrels and has made friends with the neighbor's horse at their fence line.
Hope all is well.
God Bless you both,

              Painting of Brynne and Breeze by Ken Miller.


Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 1:35 PM
Subject: Re: New Oil Painting
Hi Mike,
We are soooo happy that you love Ken's new painting!!!!  He really captures that special look!!!  (smiles)  Most likely he will be doing one of Brynne alone soon.  I sure will send you this one, too.
This would make a great screen saver. 
Brynne is such a good girl.  We are amazed at how she hunts without much training. It is in her "blood" and lineage.  She is one of the best Field Setters that we have ever had.  She gets along so well with Breeze and our cocker spaniel.  They are "buddies.
God Bless you both!!!
Carole and Ken

Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 8:03 AM
Subject: Re: New Oil Painting
Hi Mike,
I totally agree with you on training.  Brynne has been the best Field Setter that we have had and if you have a good lineage of Field Setters, no training is necessary.  Thank you for sharing this outstanding piece of artwork.  We have pictures of Brynne outside and this is exactly how she looks.  No training, just instinct. 
God Blesses you both for breeding such wonderful hunting Setters and also Setters for "home loving" only.  They are the BEST!!

                 Brynne pointing without any training!

Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 4:46 PM
Subject: Re: Brynne's pictures Enjoy
Hi Mike,
We would be honored for you to share this.  I always love sharing how much we are so pleased with Brynne.  She is been outstanding inside and outside.
She is an intense hunter.  We love watching her "train herself".  Ken has been working with her outside with hand signals and voice commands, but she is doing most of this on her own.  He does not hunt anymore for peasants, etc.
What a fantastic Breed of Field Setters you have raised.
God Bless you and Marie,

  Catlettsburg, Kentucky
From: Hoyt Rorrer
Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2015 5:59 PM
Subject: Marley doing GREAT
Mr. Bloodgood,

I wanted to shoot you a email along with some pictures of the little female we got from you. She is just a few days shy of a year old and doing great. She loves to go hunting and loves to do her job. I can not say enough good about her and your program. I have 2 friends that I have recommended buy a puppy from you and they are both happy with their puppies as well. I hope you have had a great holiday season and I hope to see you soon.

God bless and take care buddy.


on point                                                                    Marley with Wild Virgina Quail
  Stow, Ohio

January 20, 2015
To: Mr. Bloodgood
Subject: Llewellin Setter Pup!

Mr. Bloodgood,

I purchased a Blue Belton puppy from you on May 18, 2010. He was from Ashley and Henrietta, # B10M8. His name is Nicky and he has been (and is) the BEST dog we have ever had. He is fun and well behaved member of the family and we have hunted him extensively in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Mostly on grouse and woodcock, but also released pheasants and chukars. We couldn't have asked for better!

If possible, I would like to purchase another male, Blue Belton puppy with similar bloodlines. Ideally, I would take possession the end of April or beginning of May of a beautiful 8-12 week old.

I am sending a check for $100. as a deposit.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Saltzman

                    Jeff with Nicky                                                                      Nicky on Point!

Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2015 6:53 PM
Subject: Re: Llewellin Setter Pup!
Dear Michael,
Something I didn't tell you: Nicky only has 3 legs. One week after picking him up from you, he put down the power window in the back of my truck and fell out. The fall shattered his right rear leg, broke his hip and pelvis. We thought he was going to die. He was at an animal trauma center for 5 days. They removed his leg, and set/fixed the other breaks. He had to stay motionless for many weeks until he was healed enough to walk. He never whimpered. Not once.
We have shot over a hundred birds over his points and enjoyed every day of his company! He has been a blessing to my family and many others.
I look forward to seeing the pictures of a future family member! Thank you!
Jeff Saltzman

                      Nicky with Jeff's better half :)                                            Nicky on another fine point!
  Mattawan, Michigan  

From: Colin  Davis
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2015 3:33 PM
To: Mike & Marie Bloodgood
Subject: Puppy Deposit
Dear Mike and Marie,
I am mailing a deposit check today to add us to your waiting list for a female puppy.  We got our Ella (Z13#2F)  from you last year, and I just want to tell you how delighted we are with her.  She has an amazing temperament:  great personality, happy, smart, and eager to please.  I have her started and plan to get her more seriously into grouse this fall.  Looking for a hunting partner and housemate for Ella!
Best Regards,

Colin and Suzanne Davis



  Burnsville, North Carolina  

Randy Shelton
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2015 3:24 PM
Subject: Jake
Hi Mike,

This is Randy Shelton from North Carolina hope you and Marie are both doing well, just wanted to give you an update on Jake. He is doing everything you said he would, has more desire to hunt and please me as any dog I have ever seen. This photo is him at 14 months he is enjoying this season retrieving birds to hand, pointing, holding, everything you could ask for.

Thanks so much will be in touch may God bless you always..


         Randy with Jake and Grouse at 14 months old. Randy purchased Jake from us as a puppy.

  Huston, Texas 
From: Mark Blanche
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 7:41 PM
Subject: Milo in South Texas
Hi Mike & Marie,

Late Season training on wild quail. Steady to Wing and Shot. Honors naturally. One of the best dogs on singles in the camp.
All under 2 years old. What a great little dog. Very funny around the house.


    Milo on point in South Texas 2015

Easton, Maryland 

From: Christopher Cianci
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 6:06 PM
Subject: Pic for website
Here's Harvey at 11 months old pointing a quail.
He was S14#4M
Tattoo 110
IPDBA Dashing Bondhu Harvey
Chris Cianci

Here's Harvey at 11 months old pointing a quail.

 Lancaster, Kentucky
From: Bobby Cassady
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2016 10:20 AM
Subject: Available dogs...
When I first heard of your training method when I picked up my dog, I was a bit apprehensive, but I can say that it TRULY works like clockwork!  It's become irritating to me to hunt with some guys that have to "force" train their dogs, because the entire hunt all I get to hear is "WHOA".  It speaks volumes for your breeding program and all the work you've put in. 

I am going to go ahead and drop $100 in the mail as a deposit for a male in your upcoming litters, but I would very much like to purchase one of your started dogs when they become available in a couple weeks.  If I end up going that route, I am assuming it will be okay to put the $100 towards the started dog purchase price. 

I will monitor the website for the started males and be looking for photos.  If you are ever up in Georgetown, KY I have almost 100 acres of prime bird habitat stocked with early release quail.  I would be honored for you to drop by and see my dog work and hunt with us any time. 



Silas pointing Quail

 Ringgold ,Georgia
From: Carl Gentry
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2016 9:35 AM
Subject: Setter Update
Having the time of my life with Lou this season! What an amazing transformation she has had!
This past Saturday we were training at a local WMA and she was making some beautiful points. You'll see one of my favorite pictures attached.
After shooting one of the quail, it was still alive so my son pulled the head off and threw it in the middle of the field. We then took Lou back to the truck for water and a little rest. While that was going on I took my new little pup into the field to let him run, sniff, and do all the things new pups do. Halfway across the field I notice he's no longer in front of me, so I turn around, and to my surprise, he's pointing the quail head! What are the changes that he would find it? Before I could get a picture, he realized it wasn't alive so he grabbed it and ate it.
I can hardly wait to begin training with him next season. These two together will be a beautiful sight!
God is good! Bless you my brother!

Carl L. Gentry, Jr., MSgt, USAF, Retired
Ridgeland High School
Aerospace Science Instructor / Riflery Coach

Lulabelle on Point

Lulabell retrieving a Chukar!

Ringgold ,Georgia
From: Carl Gentry
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 7:13 AM
Subject: GREAT Day Hunting!


Lulabelle gets better each time I take her out! I couldn't be more pleased.  She has really taught herself how to use the air currents and ground cover to her advantage.  Today we hunted at a preserve in Tennessee and returned with four pheasants and eight chukar!

Our local hunting preserve,  whose family and I are good friends, have been so impressed with Lulabelle that they've asked me to guide a hunt for them this Friday!  I'm excited to show Lou off a little bit. I'll update you afterwards.

God is good! Bless you my brother!

Carl L. Gentry, Jr., MSgt, USAF, Retired
Ridgeland High School
Aerospace Science Instructor / Riflery Coach

      Carl & Lulabell after retrieving a Chukar.             Carl & Lulabell after retrieving a Pheasant.

Lulabell, Carl's happy son, and their new male pup from our Kennel.

Ringgold ,Georgia
From: Carl Gentry
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2016 10:17 AM
Subject: Another Great Update!
Just another wonderful update on Lulabelle! I had told you that the local hunting Preserve here had asked me to help them out by guiding a two person quail hunt this past Friday. I was willing to do this for free because it only meant more "bird time" for Lou, which will only make her better. However, they insisted that they pay me $100 for the morning hunt. What a great surprise!
However, that wasn't the biggest surprise. The two gentlemen I guided for were so impressed by my setter that they gave me a $95 tip! I couldn't believe it! They continued to remark throughout the hunt on the way she was searching, the way she pointed and never moved, the way she retrieved, and the way she did everything I asked of her! They even insisted on having their picture taken with her after the hunt.
I know you said that she'll continue to get better up until around her 5th birthday, but if she never improves from her current performance, there couldn't be a happier man anywhere!
Carl L. Gentry, Jr., MSgt, USAF, Retired
Ridgeland High School
Aerospace Science Instructor / Riflery Coach

Buford, Georgia
From: Wayne Lancaster
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2017 7:54 AM
Subject: RE: Ranger

Ranger is the most eager to please, easily biddable as well as a natural companion/hunting dog I have ever had or worked with.  He is a natural retriever and is already steady to wing at 9 months of age.  Although I wouldn’t consider him finished, he is already better than what some call “finished dogs” and with the progress he is making, I can’t wait to see him at 18 months.


Wayne Lancaster, P.C. 

Buford, Georgia

 Email: wayne@waynelancasterpc.com

                                                     Ranger at 9 months old

Mobile, Alabama
From: Conrad Wiley
Sent: 9/11/2017 5:29 PM
Subject: 5 Star Review
Good Afternoon Mike,

I have been waiting to save this review for after my pup’s first time on birds, but I just can’t wait any longer. He is the best dog I have ever owned/been around and wanted to thank you for everything you do. Everything you said about these dogs is true. Outside, Rip is an energetic dog with a strong willingness to please that stays close. Inside he is calm and soaks up all the loving he can get from everyone in the family. I have had strangers pull their cars over to ask about him and meet him. Everyone who comes into contact with him comments on his disposition and his good behavior. The next question is always, "did you have him professionally trained?” I kind of chuckle because all I did was watch a couple of obedience videos on the internet. I would just like to thank you again for breeding, “the ultimate foot-hunting bird-dogs and family companions ever developed."


                                         Rip owned by Conrad Wiley

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