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On behalf of Vetary.com, I want to congratulate you on the Best English (Llewellin) Setter Breeder 2016 Award!

Vetary has analyzed top English (Llewellin) Setter breeders and cross referenced positive social mention data with top analytics platforms. Your site was a clear winner with U.S. pet owners over the last 12 months. For context, Vetary awards breeders with best-in-class online buzz, content, visuals, and most importantly, a strong cause and devotion toward their breed of dogs.

   Our 100% Life-Time

Replacement Guarantee!

We stand behind EVER pup/dog we place, with the
BEST GUARANTEE provided in ALL the dog world!

Because we select pups from 100% NATURAL pure-bred, personally trained, PROVEN, GUN DOG CERTIFIED, and from the purest genetically sound pure Dashing Bondhu bloodlines available in the world, with NO other strains added, out-crosses or other breeds of bird dogs and bred to the highest standards for, #1 GENETIC HEALTH, #2 NATURAL QUALITIES, #3 HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE, and most of all  #4 a STRONG WILLINGNESS TO PLEASE their Master/s, even for the most discriminate of HUNTER'S and OWNER'S, we are able to back each and EVERY pup with a 100% LIFE-TIME SATISFACTION REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE!

All pups are sold in good faith and are to our knowledge 100% perfect in every way, if you are not completely satisfied with your pup/dog at anytime, you may simply RETURN him or she for a replacement pup of equal value of the purchase price. 

Please, keep in mind that all known canine inherited genetic problems can be produced as a simple non-inherited random birth defect. The world best Canine Geneticists state the differences are that when line breeding dogs the same inherited genetic defect will be produced in over 5% of all pups produced. If a defect is produced in less than 5%, it should be considered a non-inherited random birth defect. There are no known inherited genetic disorders in the pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters, but mutations and birth defects are always possible and do happen in extremely low numbers, like less than 1%. keep in mind that birth defects and/or mutations can be physical or mental.

Our Guarantee covers ANY and ALL birth defects or mutations causing genetic inherited conditions possible, including hips, backs, legs, eyes, ears, heart's, kidney's, etc., from the tip of their nose to tip of their tail and to the tips of their toes, ARE ALL COVERED with our replacement guarantee. Also, temperaments and hunting ability to YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION is also cover under our replacement guarantee! I'd like to see you find a better guarantee anywhere. 

Lets be clear, this Guarantee is a "REPLACEMENT" guarantee and not a REFUND guarantee. The Pup/dog MUST be RETURNED to breeder at the buyer's expense for a replacement pup.  If the customer chooses to keep their pup and not return it, they assume all responsibilities for any and/or veterinarian/medical expenses incurred while in the buyers possession. The buyer is responsible for all expenses for diagnoses and medical treatment while in their care. At no time will the seller provide a monetary REFUND to the buyer, in part or in full of any kind, unless a "special agreement or offer in writing" was made for a certain pup with a known problem at time of purchase.

ONLY Exceptions:

1. Common Delayed Closures though we never even heard of a "Delayed Closure" before owning these Dashing Bondhu strain of Llewellin's Setters, so when we seen our first one we thought it was a umbilical hernia, but after talking with the Kings and looking online, we found a very good article from a well Nationally respected Veterinarian. He explained that all pups have a hole where the umbilical cord enters their body and when the cords dry up and falls off, the hole simply closes on it own. The problem that this bloodline seems to have, especially with the fatter pups, have extra fat cells formed around the umbilical area blocking the hole from closing in the normal time frame. Even though about 80% of our pups seem to have the problem, all cases but one have completely closed on their own over the first 12 months of age and only one took a few month longer. So not one required surgery to fix them in the 22 years we been breeding this strain. We understand that just like us and out Vet when we first showed him him the problem, most Vets do not think "delayed closures" are a real thing and they believe they are hernia's and need to be fixed as soon as possible. If you chose to not return your pup and let your Vet do the surgery on a pup younger than 12 months of age,  we will not refund anything, but if you chose to keep your dog and he does require surgery even after 12 months of age, Mountain View Kennel, LLC. will refund $100. (the price our Vet would charge for umbilical hernia surgery) without spay or a refund of $25. if female has been spayed. It is up to you to negotiate with your Vet as many Vet's charge three times what out Vet does. NO refund for any hernia surgeries performed under 12 months of age. Unless prior approval by Mountain View Kennel management.

2. For some reason the same issue seems to effect a testicle from dropping in the normal time frame. Though much rarer, all those cases have also fixed themselves if left untreated for his first 12 months, but again Mountain View Kennel, LLC. will only refund $100. (the price our Vet would charge) for this kind of surgery. It is up to you to negotiate with your Vet as many Vet's charge three times what out Vet does. NO refund for Testicle surgery performed under 12 months of age. Unless prior approval by Mountain View Kennel management.

Please, see our Comments webpage for more information on common Delayed Closures and on a rare Non-descended Testicle.

We  have had long conversations with our Vet of 25 years, on both these subjects and our  Vet completely agrees there is no need for surgeries on delayed closure or small umbilical hernia or a non-descended testicle before 12 months of age, especially with our 22 years of records showing all have fixed themselves if just left alon their first year.

Our Vet's family raised English Setters while he was growing up, so he has a special place in his heart for them. He said they seldom got a bad pup, but when they did, they would be the complete opposite of what all the other pups they raised normally. The bad pups were high strung and very disobedient. Our experience has been much the same. About 1 out of 200 pups will not act anything like their parents, grandparents, etc. etc.. All our adult Setters are very well behaved and have a strong willingness to please us and are sensible, laid back acting dogs around our home and kennel, but are still hunting machines in the field or woods. They will not hunt without us. If we quite hunting and take a brake, they do too. They hunt hard, but hunt hard for us, not for themselves. One thing I will add, is even though we have gotten a couple of pups returned for being sappy, high strong, and not obedient, all were very different when returned and are doing just fine in their new homes. We did use a cheap anti-bark collar purchased from Wal-Mart for under $50. on two pups who were reported as excessive barkers, that completely fixed in less than a week and have never needed any more work to curb their barking.

The purchaser agrees and accepts all the conditions and policies of this guarantee when they either send their a non-refundable deposit and/or when they purchase their puppy/dog from Mountain View Kennel, LLC..

Pet Health Insurance

If you want compensation for medical expenses, including injury, birth defects, genetic mutations, breeding problems, and more for the life of your dog, we suggest getting Pet Health Insurance after you purchase your puppy. Here are two companies who provide pet health insurance.  

https://www.petinsurance.com/      or        https://www.petpremium.com/get-a-quote/

Guarantee Requirements

All puppies/dogs we sell come running when called, so all pups/dogs returned MUST come when called. This shows us that you did not neglect or mistreat your pup/dog. Any problem with teaching your pup/dog to come, MUST be reported within the first 30 days of purchase date. Not doing so will null and void our guarantee if they will not come when called at a later date.

All pups/dogs must also be well cared for by the buyer and they must supply records showing what all vaccines, wormings, and heart worm preventative had been maintained while in their possession until their return. Failure to provide medical treatment, or allowing a chronic sickness, loose stools, infections of any kind, may result in a serious medical condition and will Null and Void this guarantee.

Buyer is responsible for all veterinarian and medical expenses while pup/dog are in their possession, including wormings and/or treatments for, parasites, fleas, mites, etc.. We worm and treat all our pups to prevent them, but no treatment or wormer is 100% effective and pups may require follow up treatments. All previous treatments and/or wormings will be recorded in the Health/Vaccine/Worming Records provided with every pup/dog purchased. 

Not Covered

All shipping fees/costs and/or transportation expenses for purchases, returns, and/or replacements are fully the buyer's responsibility and not covered under our Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee.

The following will NULL and VOID our Guarantees.

1. Loss, injuries, accidental or natural death (old age) after sale.
2. Age appropriate illness/natural illness.
3. Any medical neglect or mistreatment of any kind. Heart worms are considered medical neglect, all pups and dogs must be on heart worm preventative.
4. Any loss, injuries, or death during shipping or transportation. Even though we only had one injury report in over 45 years of shipping pups/dogs, ALL pups/dogs shipped will be insured and the airlines are responsibilities for
any loss, injuries, or death during and while being shipped.
5. If pup/dog will not come when called. (unless reported within 30 days of purchase).

7. Feeding food with
"Poultry-by-Products", "Chicken-by-Products", or "Animal Digest", has chemicals dangerous for a pups growth and may result in sterility, growth defects, early cancer, or even early death.
8. Feeding dogs any foods that were recalled during the time they were being fed that brand of food. The dog food company should be sought after for compensation, NOT the breeder.
Failure to provide medical treatment in a timely manner for ANY chronic sickness, loose stools, infections of any kind. Diet supplements do not constitute medical treatment. Doing so will likely result in a serious or chronic illness and will Null and Void this guarantee.
10. Costs for follow up treatments for any parasites, worms, fleas, mites, etc.. All previous treatments and wormings will be recorded in the Health/Vaccine/Worming Records provided with every pup/dog purchased. Pups and dogs are Vaccinated and wormed shortly before purchase, but recommend owner should continue wormings every 2-3 weeks after purchase as needed.

Do NOT feed any foods with "Poultry-by-Products", "Chicken-by-Products", or "Animal Digest" in them. Many of these foods have chemicals and/or additives to make these animals grow faster, larger, more tender, and moist and will effect the growth and future health of your puppy and dog. Doing so will NULL & VOID the guarantee. Beware, many major and well known brands of dog and puppy foods will have this in them.

Please Note: There will be NO monetary (cash, check, wire transfer) COMPENSATION or monetary REFUNDS for ANY REASON (unless expressed at time of sale), including any and all medical expenses. This includes a pup/dog sold with breeding rights and later not becoming a sound breeder or if not of high breeding quality, etc.. If unsatisfied, the buyer MUST RETURN their pup/dog for a Replacement pup. If buyer chooses not to return their pup/dog, they MUST accept all responsibility and loss in value and any and all expenses, medical or otherwise for that pup's/dog's welfare.

We do not increase our prices for pups that go to breeding homes, so do not feel the value of the pup is reduced as a non-breeder. Some breeders sell all pups without breeding rights and charge twice as much for them with rights. We don't do this because there are just too many factors in breeding animals. We have seen dams not cycle for 3 years or more and other dams not stand for certain males or males not willing to breed certain dams. There are vaccines that can help get a dog to cycle. We have also seen some nervous females loose their first litter and then go on to raise many large health litters after that. One reason we do not like to touch pups and sex them for at least a week or two, is to let the Mom's acclimate to having her new litter. Some females will reject pups that have been handled or over clean them and cause injuries.


We prefer customers/buyers come pick up their pup/dog, but when that is not feasible, we are willing to provide the buyer a service when requested to ship the buyer's pup/dog for them fully insured to a major airport near them for a reasonable shipping/handling fee when possible. Fees may not include inspection fees, taxes, or fees charged on the customers end. Once your pup/dog has been turned over to the airline representative and has left our possession, we as the seller/shipper do not accept any responsibilities for loss, damage, or destruction of your pup/dog caused after they have been turned over to the airline representative/s.

Remember, all pups/dogs are shipped on your behalf and at your request and the sale is finalized at the time the airline representative/s accept possession of your pup, they are responsible from that time on to you for the welfare of your pup/dog while in their possession.

Any loss, damage, or destruction of the buyer's/consignee's pup/dog should be covered by the airlines insurance that is paid for from the S/H fee. Of course, we will help the buyer on our end anyway we can to get their claim filed, but we the seller/shipper do not accept any responsibilities for any loss, damage, or destruction of the buyer's/consignee pup/dog while the pup/dog has left our possession. 

Fortunately, shipping is VERY safe, we have been shipping pups/dogs and many other animals for over 40 years now and have only had one problem with a pup over 20 years ago. All pups/dogs we ship are Veterinarian Health Certified and insure for their full value or maximum amount allowed.

Please Note:

Because our Dashing Bondhu bloodline's are extremely intelligent, many of our pups will not point a bird wing. This is because they are so intelligent, they actually know that the wing is dead and many will only try and catch a wing to retrieve it to you and will not point one, regardless how much you try. Fear not, this has NO indication on their ability to POINT steady NATURALLY on LIVE bird scent and your pup well  point on live birds where it really matters. In fact, because of this trait, our dogs are much less likely to false point, relocate on points, or flash point wasting a hunter's time and will have the bird/s when they do point.

We do not recommend using a bird wing for training a pup to point, doing so will teach the pup to point dead birds and by sight and will result in the pup/dog flushing birds because it will not point until it can see the bird. These are NATURAL bird dogs. They should only be trained under hunting conditions where the birds are pointed, and then shot, and retrieved to your hand. After a bird is pointed, the bird must be shot so pup/dog can retrieve it and be praised. This is especially important on their first dozen birds.

Do not allow the pup/dog to point birds and flush them without shooting them, this will result in the dog flushing birds to try and catch them. They will think, that dummy owner of mine cannot catch the bird, so let me try and the pup/dog will start to flush birds way a head of you and will require whoa training on bird scent and/or force training to finish them.

Also, a very high percentage of our Llewellin Setter pups and adults will point with confidence naturally holding their heads and tails high similar or a little lower then the dog pictured in the background. If you want a dog that points old world style, insecure, holding it's tail low, head down, they may be force trained to do so, even though low carriage is not a natural trait for a confident bird dog with exceptional scenting ability and is not preferred by American hunter's. We do not recommend you purchase one of our pups if you prefer a low style bird dog or you don't want a highly intelligent dog. Shipping and transportation costs are not covered.

Though they can be easily trained to flush birds on command, we personally don't use our Llewellin Setters to flush birds. We feel that this contradicts their naturally bred and programed instinct to hold their points solid until the hunter or handler flushes the bird/s and is shot down for them to retrieve. Our dogs natural hold point until we flush the bird and hold until they see the bird is shot and they see it falling. They will then go and retrieve the bird. Our dogs are not trained to hold on point until they are commanded to fetch, that is not natural and many birds will be lost. We have never lost a downed bird unless it fell down a well where the dogs could not get it.

It's our opinion that the only times a dog should break point is when birds are moving on the run, like Pheasants and Chukar are very apt to do. Most of our dogs will instinctively back off a point when this happens and circle around the birds cutting them off and re-pointing them to pin them down between you and them leaving no where for the birds to go. Also, when they make a long point off the bird/s and they are instructed with a light tap on one ear to move up and re-point closer to the bird/s and when they rarely point out of sight of the hunter in thick cover and have not been located by their master for a while, most will naturally back off their point to locate their master and will lead them back to the birds and re-point them. These were highly favored traits by Mr. Llewellin, Mr. Humphrey's, and Fr. Brannon's personal dogs and are all still very strong instincts we favor in these Setter's today.


If for some reason you need to find a new home for your Llewellin Setter pup/dog you purchased from our kennel, we will try and help you find a new home and will try and get you some compensation, especially if started or trained as a bird dog. 

If you need to "surrender" your pup/dog to someone, we will be happy to take them back without compensation and will care for them, train, etc. until we can locate a good home for them. None of our pups/dogs should ever be sent to a shelter or an animal rescue. 

Contrary to popular beliefs by animal rights groups, to our knowledge none of our pups/dogs have EVER been sent to a shelter in the 47+ years we have been breeding quality gun dogs. We have always had a Satisfaction Guarantee, and are willing to help re-home or provide a home for one of our pups/dogs, so why would someone ever do so?


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